The Drive to Seward

Seward, Alaska

The drive from Anchorage to Seward is possibly better than the town itself. The road follows the water for the first portion of the drive offering breathtaking views of mountains across the water. Seward is a town caught in a time-warp. If you want to feel like you are participating in some indie-retro movie – here is the place to live your dream. Retro movie-theaters, diners, and an amazing meal: “Halibut Bowl” (chunks of super-light battered halibut) at The Showcase Lounge. This place looks exactly as the name suggests: red vinyl upholstery and old decanters covering every inch of wall space. A must-see for this time-capsule tour.

Seward, Alaska

Town of Seward, Alaska


Hiking in Seward

Hiking in Lowell Point